Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution

Somatic Experiencing® is a research based body /mind healing therapy and is a psycho-physiological approach to resolving shock & trauma symptoms. Tracking the body through this talk therapy, we unfold different layers of fight, flight, and freeze energy that may be encapsulated in the body & help release them. It re-establishes the body’s ability to self-regulate. It helps re-negotiate difficult experiences and reconnect with our resources and inherent health.
Somatic experiencing® (SE) developed by Dr. Peter Levine, is based on the idea that traumatic experiences can lead to dysfunction in your nervous system, which keeps you from fully processing the experience.
As the name indicates, Craniosacral Therapy works with the craniosacral system of our body which consists of membranes and fluid that surround, nourish and protect the brain and the spinal cord where our central nervous system (CNS) is housed.

The fluid known as the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) continuously fluctuates inside the membranes which cover the cranium (the brain) while passing through the vertebral column and joining at the tail bone (the sacrum). CSF pulsates or fluctuates rhythmically and is measured to have 10 cycles per minute during which it bathes all the tissues and structures of the body.


Somatic Experiencing® approach prioritizes the mind-body connection in treatment to help address both physical and psychological symptoms of certain mental health concerns, which include:

– Physical Trauma – Abuse, Accidents, Anesthesia Affects, etc.

– Emotional Trauma – Separation, Rejection, Relationship Aspects, etc.

– Mental Trauma – Depression, Manic Episodes, Hyperarousal, etc.

– Phobias and Issues with Guilt

– Grief – Incomplete cycles of Grief

– Anxiety – Anticipatory Anxiety, GAD, Performance Anxiety, etc.

– PTSD – Stress disorders, CPTSD

– Chronic Issues – Undefines Pain Issues, Digestive & Respiratory issues

How it works:

A Somatic Experiencing® therapy session requires the client to work with a Somatic Experience trained therapist (SEP) to track sensations, impulses, patterns of movement and soothing behaviors throughout their body. To regulate a client’s response and to prevent over-activation by diving into the “trauma vortex”, the SEP focus heavily on directing attention to the natural self-soothing behaviors that people do, usually unconsciously.

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