Frequently asked questions

What is Therapy?

I define therapy as a safe space for you where you can open up about the matters close to your heart, or the behaviours that might be bothering you the most at the moment in life; and to seek and work along with your therapist on solutions best available for your physical, emotional or mental health.

What will we discuss in therapy?

We will work with whatever issue you are dealing by identifying its root, connection and work out solutions that are most beneficial for you.

Will you prescribe medication?

Nope. Medications are prescribed by medical professionals, I will advice you alternative ways by which you could maintain your well-being & reclaim the “original you” through working with you in a relational field.

How long does therapy session take?

A usual therapy session is between 45-55mins.

What is Somatic Experiencing®?

SE is a naturalistic, and neurobiological, body-oriented approach to healing traumas, and other stress related disorders; restoring the authentic-self with self-regulation, relaxation, wholeness, and aliveness.

What happens in a Guided Meditation / Meditative Therapy session?

You are asked to either sit, recline or lay down and I guide you into certain awareness exercises which include breath, suggestion, inner dialogue and reflection for regulation of the brain-body connection.

Will my information be confidential?

Yes 100%. I adhere to my ethical standards for confidentiality very strictly and none of your info will be shared with anyone without your permission. (Except only in emergency risk situations which I will speak to you in your first consult with me.

What sort of areas do you help with?

I work with a whole lot of lifestyle issues and problems of our modern age. Some of the more common areas of my work include people seeking support for: depression or low mood, stress & anxiety, fears & phobias, trauma including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger management, eating and body image issues, self-harm, relationship issues, abuse, neglect and many, many more areas.

Will you give me advice?

Yes, we will give you some suggestions which will be beneficial for your overall well-being.

What is therapy like?

Depending on your individual need, the therapies provided by me are to bring a sense of relaxation, wellness and integration within you. I will guide you towards a solution that will be best applicable for you in your current situation.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST) is a gentle, light-touch, non-invasive therapy that helps restore and maintain health in the human body. While not a manipulative therapy, it has its roots in osteopathy and has evolved to include advances in neuroscience, human development, pre and perinatal psychology, and trauma resolution.

What is Family Constellation Therapy?

Family constellation is a systemic approach designed to help uncover and restructure unconscious family blueprints which results in repetitive patterns of relationships, behaviours and trauma that is intergenerational in nature. It helps to reveal a roadmap for healing and awareness to move forward empowered.

Is Therapy safe for me?

Therapies that I offer are backed by research & data and support you in your mental, physical and emotional wellness. They do not have any contraindications and are safe.

Which therapy will suit me the best?

You are most welcome to contact me and we can setup a first consult call FREE OF CHARGE (15 mins duration) to discuss what you are dealing with and decide upon a way that would be the best for you.

Is it okay if I ask you about your credentials?

It is perfectly okay and it is your right to know about who you are consulting and about their professional details. To read more about me & my professional associations, you can visit About Me page.

If you have more concerns or queries, you are most welcome to write to me or Whatsapp me

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